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«Мэйделе» - review

What novel to read if you want it to contain truth and fiction, fantasy and reality, love and hate at the same time? Vladaarg Delsat's new book Meidele will delight the most discerning reader.
This work combines several genres: love story, alternate history and fantasy. Which is the main one? It depends on the bibliophile's personal perception and how he or she sets the accents.
The author draws on the events of World War II, which serve as a springboard for her fantasy and as a plot device. The main villains are the German Nazis and their distant descendants, who, even decades later, in 1985, have not rested and continue to do terrible, morally and morally repugnant things, using people, destroying the unwanted and turning the lives of innocents into hell. They are able to influence the body and mind of their victims: "The Aryans have a hypnotic attitude, and the brats simply wouldn't dare say anything, especially after the ceremony. They will simply be in great pain at any attempt to tell." They are unaware of empathy, compassion or regret. A chill runs down your spine when you read about the mindset of these fictitious characters, recreated from the ashes of ideas that roamed in the minds of real fascists, who violated all the laws of humanity and drowned the planet in blood.
The protagonist is a Jewish girl with a special gift of controlling an artefact that can move people back in time. It is needed by the Nazis to tweak history and bring back what they call greatness. It is not known if he possesses the powers attributed to him. But it is a chance that "they" have believed in and for which they have already laid hundreds of lives on the altar.
The plan is ready. Gita, already destitute, deprived of parental affection and family warmth, is given the role of an uncomplaining pawn to be sacrificed at the right moment without regret. Despair is overwhelming. The reader feels as if he is falling into a dark abyss. The flight ends abruptly, knocking the air out of his lungs. The plans of her enemies crumble as the girl disappears into the thirties, becomes a Maydele and finds the family she desperately dreamed of.
She has an interesting destiny ahead of her and a great love that can change worlds and, who knows, confront Death himself. Alas, it is too early to end and write "and they lived happily ever after". The trials for Gita are not over. There is a war ahead. The same war that the Nazis of the future wanted to replay. And so begins the countdown to the final clash between good and evil. The loop in the plot takes a sharp turn, making the reader weep, but giving him an unexpected hope. Perceptions of reality change. Imagination is awakened. The boundaries of the possible cease to exist, just as the timeline has already dissolved into nothingness.
Meidele is a dizzying flight through the ages. Each is endowed with its own special, recognisable colour and harmoniously complemented by the author's lively imagination. Emotions are overpowering, tearing one's heart to pieces. Love, like a hurricane, rushes before the mental eye, mesmerising, enchanting, filling. In a world so similar to our own, but completely different, has never existed before, first appeared only now, with the release of this dynamic, vivid, heart-wrenching book, one wants to stay as long as possible, enjoying the endless variety of thoughts, feelings and adventures, the darkest of which lead to light through understanding the essence of concepts such as love, faith, hope, truth, heroism and sacrifice.
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