A Little Heart

Enter the school of sorcery where a girl with a fragile heart discovers the power of an unbreakable bond.

In a life where the fragility of existence is a constant companion, Helen seeks solace in the pages of books, using them as a shield against the ticking time bomb of her weak heart. Little does she know that the world of witchcraft has plans of its own.

Transported to the mysterious Graswangtal School, whispered to be brimming with magical secrets, Helen's reality takes an unforeseen twist. Along this extraordinary journey, she crosses paths with Philip, a kindred spirit who becomes her guiding light in a world filled with wonder and uncertainty.

Amidst ancient spells, moonlit dances, and the allure of forbidden knowledge that bestows godlike powers, their bond deepens. The universe they craft together is one of passion, empathy, and an everlasting love that defies all odds.

Discover hope in their remarkable journey, witness the enchantment of their connection, and experience a love that dances to the rhythm of their heartbeats. Embark on an epic saga that hints at adventures yet to unfold.

Let the magic of love and witchcraft guide your heart...

If you're a fan of magical adventures, deep friendships, and heartwarming tales of love, A Little Heart is a great read that will captivate your imagination and leave you believing in the extraordinary magic of the human heart.

Get your copy today and immerse yourself in a world where sorcery and love collide, and where destiny is written in the most unexpected ways.

Series: Chronicles of the Graswangtal School of Witchcraft #1
Genre: YA Fantasy
Pages: 270
Year: 2023
ISBN: 979-8-2233-4117-8

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